How come he don’t want me man…

I was born on the small island of Nassau, Bahamas. With it being so small and growing up in the early 90s, we had one channel. ZNS Channel 13. It came on air about 2 in the afternoon, and went off air around midnight every night. Even though we had that one channel, there was still good stuff to watch. There was this one show in particular, The Fresh Price of Bel-Air. Because Will Smith got spun around like a helicopter he had to go live with his auntie and uncle in Bel-Air. My whole life changed. I grew up with the Banks family, and they taught me many important pieces of information, like how to do the Carlton, who Tom Jones was, and that Jazz had hundreds of the same shirt (seriously almost every time he got thrown out of the house he was wearing the same shirt, fyi #3 is the best).

This was a comedy that made me laugh every single episode, multiple times an episode. But there was this one scene, THE scene. If you forgot how it went please watch it here. This is a superb piece of acting from one of all the all time greats. Every time I watch this my allergies start acting up for some reason. All you have to say to someone is “you remember the fresh prince dad scene?”, and they know exactly what you are talking about. Fun fact: The hug at the end was not in the script. It was so powerful and Will was so believable cause he didn’t know his real dad that he channeled the emotion and pain from growing up and Uncle Phil saw the pain in his eyes and just hugged him. Powerful stuff. It doesn’t just make you feel some of the feelings, it makes you feel ALL of the feelings. He wanted his dad to want him so badly. How come he don’t want me man. If you are being lazy and haven’t clicked the link to watch that clip go back and watch it so this post will make sense and then go hug your dad. I’ll wait…..ok, you caught up now. Good.

It makes you want to line up all of the dead beat dads of the world and commit unspeakable torture to them like dropping lemon juice in their eyes, or watching every episode of Keeping up with the Kardashians, just the sickest stuff you can think of. My daddy was super awesome. He taught me how to fix stuff, how to do my homework, took me places, and was always there for me. But the most important thing he did was show me how to be a true man of God. We weren’t all lovey dovey, or had lots of hugs, but I never had to question whether he wanted me or not. Not one time….ever. His actions said it all. I’ve had many friends who have wondered out loud the very same question “How come he don’t want me man?” And they are still searching for answers to that question.

I have been a Christian for a long time and one of the greatest things I can share with others is that I NEVER have to wonder, question, ponder, or ask if God wants me. One of the key components of laughing, having fun, and being happy/content is knowing that GOD period WANTS period YOU period exclamation point. If you are like me you are probably saying “If God really knew me and what I did when no one was looking, he definitely/for sure/for reals for reals/most definitely would not want me”. Think of the worse thing you have ever done and I don’t mean insane things like putting ketchup on macaroni and cheese or putting milk first then cereal (if you do either of these things I have already called the police on you and they are on the way). But just think of all the bad, low down stuff you did. Those things are exactly the reason that God wants you. If he didn’t have you then he couldn’t help you get through these horrible things that happened to you or the horrible things that you did.

Ask any Christian you know and they all have something that they have done that they are ashamed of. Yet God still wants them and he still wants you. Maybe you put on some weight, have a disease, dishonored your family, or betrayed a friend. It doesn’t matter because God is in the forgiving and broken people acquisition business. The reason that I can laugh, smile, and enjoy life is because we never have to ask that question of God “How come he don’t want me man?” Psalm 118:6 says the Lord is with me, I will not be afraid, what can people do to me? Actually people can do a lot to you. They can shoot you, kidnap you, rape you, hurt you with words, or just deplorable things like when my kids leave empty cereal boxes in the pantry. There is nothing quite like having disappointment for breakfast. God is with me and I am not afraid. He wants me man!!! If that’s not something to smile about then I don’t know what is.