I don’t know if it’s wrong, but I don’t think that it’s right…

This is such a touchy subject. Abortion. Whenever I write something I try to keep things light and in good humor, but today might be a bit different. There are such strong emotions about this topic. Is it a sin? Should Christians advocate against it? For it? Stay out of it? What does God think? Will I go to hell if I have one, or make my girl get one? So many tough questions that people demand answers for. With that being said let’s talk about it.

Is abortion a sin? That is the big question. The bible does not specifically mention abortion like it does murder or blaspheme. But there are several verses that you can extrapolate from, that God recognizes babies inside the womb. Psalm 139: 13-16, Jeremiah 1:5, Job 31:15¬†just to name a few. One side argues that when we are conceived that is when life is formed, and that is when it is murder to get rid of the baby—at any point. But if life is at conception, why is it when a baby is born it is one day old? Why isn’t it considered nine months old? I’m just asking questions. The other side will argue that it is not life, it is not a baby, just a collection of cells that will later form a baby. So up to a certain time it is ok to have an abortion because it is not considered life. They say in the first few days/weeks it is not life so don’t let “these people” tell you what to do. I would argue that if a scientist found those first few days/weeks cells on Mars wouldn’t they be heralded with finding “life” on another planet. To me basically it comes down to what you believe, and what you can live with. Then that is between you and your God.

Most of the heroes in the Bible (Paul, Peter etc) have no problem speaking out on topics they deem necessary. Such as adultery, homosexuality, greed, and lust just to name a few. Did they choose to ignore this topic or did they¬† not view it as an epidemic like we do today? Who knows? That is an excellent question to ask God when we get to heaven. The bible mentions acts of love for our fellow man so many times in the bible. Such as feeding the hungry, taking care of orphans and widows. There are several instances of loving one another as opposed to condemning someone who has had an abortion, or facilitated in one. But there are no “love your fellow man” rallies that move the needle like abortion does. I say we focus on what the bible explicitly says to do and make that a priority and the implicit things that aren’t talked about will take care of themselves. If my house is on fire don’t tell me my front porch light is on during the day time, and that I am destroying the environment. Grab a hose and help me put out the fire because that is more important at the moment. The bible says the greatest commandment is to love the Lord your God, then love your neighbor as yourself. Take care of what is the most important first and I believe the gray area topics like abortion take care of themselves.

This topic is so powerful it helped swing an entire election. There are thousands of people who voted for Donald Trump solely because he is pro life. Think of all the crazy headlines from the porn scandal, to the space force, to locking kids up, to calling NFL players mothers the B word on national TV. This is so polarizing that people will still vote for him over another person because of this single topic. Some people are opposed to it because they view it as barbaric based on the actual procedure that is done. Maybe if it was a cream you rubbed on yourself and woke up the next morning and it was taken care of it would be more acceptable. I do know that if you go so far to say that you are going to die on the “For/Against” hill, and don’t care about what the other side says, then you are on a slippery slope my friend. And that is a big problem.

To anyone reading this I need you to understand something and I cannot stress this enough. No matter what side you are on, I care about you more than trying to understand where you are on this issue. Now, don’t hear what I am not saying. I do care about trying to understand where you are on this issue, I just need you to know that I care about “YOU” more than I care about which side is right or wrong. So even if I don’t understand you I still love you with the love of Christ. For the record I do not believe in abortion except in some extreme situations such as medically necessary procedures. And even then I think it should be on a case by case basis.

Like I said a very heavy topic with so many moving parts. I will go back to my original premise. I don’t know if its wrong but I don’t think that it’s right. I do not believe it is what God wants and I could be wrong. But like on I Love Lucy he is going to have “some ‘splaining to do” when I get to heaven. Let me know what you think.